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Nancy's Ultra Tight and Beautiful Self Bondage
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Simple Self Bondage Box Tie (Shinju)

Elbow Self Bondage Illustration

Per popular demand, I am starting to put together tutorials on how some of self bondages are done by me.

I am an expert in self bondage and has practiced these techniques for years. Please keep in mind that self bondage is a very dangerous act. By clicking on any of buttons on the left hand side, you are acknowleding that you will accept all the risks associated with practicing these techniques. You will need to use every precaution for each move and ensure that you always have a back up plan just in case.

I will start with tools needed and then gradually introduce these techniques. Remember, self bondage is no fun if you are dead or injuried. Please make sure that in the worst case scenario, someone will come to discover you. Don't practice these unless you know someone will find you in a few hours in case you get into trouble.

NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER put rope or leather around your neck to keep you from breathing normally. If you are using gag, please use the type which allows water to be released during the play.

In sum, stay ALIVE and SAFE, and have FUN.

Please note these pictures and techniques are copy righted, you can NOT use any of these contents on this web site without explicit permission from me.

CopyRight 2005-2006, Nancy's Ultra Tight and Beautiful Self Bondage Home

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