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Catfight Resort #14: Charlize Theron v Alicia Silverstone+Alyssa Milano and Sunny McKay v Christina Ricci+Reese Witherspoon

(Click) Thump! Clunk! Clunk! Clunk! Clunk! "OK guys, we're almost all full; c'mon down the chute. HEY! Why'd ya stop, huh?" (Click) Clunk! Clunk! Clunk! Clunk! Clunk! "All right, that's better. You behaved very, very nicely."

Charlize reached down and pushed several ice cubes back over the edge of her ice bucket, then giggled as she realized she'd just had a conversation with the ice machine. Ice cubes overflowed her ice bucket as the blond blinked her bleary eyes and listened to the peaceful quiet; enjoying the tickle of a cool tropical breeze against her skin.

"It's been such a fun day," she thought. Then corrected herself, "Well no, actually it's been kind of disappointing! But the fun's about to start, I can feel it," she mused as she tossed a stray strand of golden blonde hair out of her eyes and picked up the bucket. She couldn't wait to get back to her room for some "pleasant conversation" with Sunny McKay. It had been a good first day for the blond duo; their first at the famed Catfight Resort. They'd already indulged themselves with lots of pampering, sensual massages from two busty Nubian attendants; cavorting in the pool, swirling in the Jacuzzi and enjoying various wonderful beauty treatments in the resort spa.

But disappointing. No, yes, NO catfights! Only a brief spat between two attractive housekeepers; maybe an off day or perhaps it's the slow season. Charlize was itching for a good fight. To see one; to be in one. All the in-house movie rentals featured at least one catfight, some had several and almost all had catfights as their theme.

"I may have to pick a fight with Sunny who's probably thinking the same thing," Charlize thought, running over several potential ploys in her mind. The night before they'd had a wonderful candlelight dinner in the private dining area; so elegant! The tight low-cut gown Sunny wore had been spectacular! How she'd wanted to insult her; get her dander up; reach across the table and pull her lovely hair, rip off that gown…. Charlize swallowed hard, felt her temperature rising and plunged her hand into the ice.

'Get a grip, girl!' she thought. 'If I see another woman, the manageress, another celeb - hell, even that hot housekeeper - I'll take her down, pull her hair, rip her clothes, grab her and..' (Swooosssh) 'Ooooooooh, settle down. Calm down you overheated blonde bitch!' Charlize reminded herself.

She plunged her hand into the ice, grabbed a handful of cubes and rubbed them on her overheated breasts. She licked her lips as she stared at the moonlight from the balcony, resisting the impulse to rip off her skimpy bikini right there as sexy thoughts returned of Sunny's hot, tight body.

"Go get some ice, Char. Then let's party more and maybe have some fun," Sunny had commanded, giggling as she slipped into a lovely black teddy and sexy silky bikini dainties. As Charlize was leaving the room they shared, Sunny promised she'd would open up their 'special bottle' of chilled champagne if Charlize returned with the ice to properly chill it.

"Hmmmmmm, gonna pop MY cork," Charlize giggled, her eyes sparkling as she turned to head back toward their room.

"Help! Nooooo...Stop it! HEEEEelp…somebody..." The screams and pleas pierced through the quiet moonlit evening and sent tingles through Charlize's delicious body. She listened intently as the screaming stopped and all was quiet. The sound of loud whimpering, pleaing returned as did laughter and the sounds of splashing water.

"Ha! A damsel in distress. How long should I linger, before I act?" Not quite the words racing through Charlize's mind, but close enough. She latched onto the ice bucket with a firm grip and raced around the corner and down the steps toward the commotion. The tall blonde would-be rescuer screeched to a halt as she rounded the wall and spied the trouble. Right there in the poolside Jacuzzi, some twenty yards away. Charlize spotted the beautiful damsel in distress and in the moonlight she recognized her friend, Christina Ricci. Three women had her trapped and in trouble.

"Stop it. Let go of me. Let go of my arms. Stop that. Don't you dare. Ohhhhh, leggo of my boobs, pleaseeee… UNNNGGHHHH!"

Inching a bit closer, staying in the shadows, Charlize studied the situation. The bright moonlight shone just enough to make the scene ultra erotic. Charlize knew the three women who were making Christina's evening most miserable. Reese Witherspoon and Alicia Silverstone held Christina's arms behind her back; Alicia tugging one side of Christina's bikini top down, exposing a full luscious breast.

A third woman, Alyssa Milano, stood in front Christina, leaning close, nose-to-nose, taunting her, "Christina dear, you're such a pretty girl. You got that nice face, such soft, pretty hair. And these lovely boobs!" Alyssa purred as she pulled Christina's hair, squeezed her cheeks and slowly ran her fingers over their lovely captive's full breasts. Charlize swallowed hard and almost dropped the ice bucket as she watched Alyssa squeeze Christina's breast and tweak the stiff nipple with her thumb and forefinger. She recalled how often she'd done the same thing as she and Christina lay in bed and 'rehearsed' late into the night while filming "Monster" together. But this was different; Christina clearly wasn't enjoying herself the way she had when Charlize's talented tongue and fluttering fingers had caressed her nubile young body. "Don't ya wish someone would rescue your pretty little butt, eh?" Alyssa asked in a sneering, sarcastic loud voice.

She stepped up and forced her thigh between Christina's legs. Christina groaned as she struggled hopelessly against the strength of the three women holding her tight. Charlize felt the anger beginning to rise. Christina was not only her friend; they'd been friendly in more ways than one; yet still she watched and waited….why couldn't she bring herself to act?

Quietly, Charlize set the ice bucket down, stealthily she crept closer, staying in the shadows. "This is so hot. Wow, is this hot!" Charlize thought, her fingers pinching her hard nipples. "THIS is why we came to the Catfight Resort!" All four beauties were in bikinis; Alicia and Reese each pulling back on one Christina's arms, forcing her ample chest out.

"C'mon, let's strip her already!" Reese leered, leaning over Christina's shoulder and drooling on her exposed breast.

"No, please don't strip me. Don't you dare…" Christina whimpered.

"All right, that's enough. Party's over!" Charlize snarled as she stepped forward. "Get the hell away from her…NOW!"

Suddenly, Charlize charged toward her friend in trouble. The tall blonde screeched to a halt and plunged into the bubbling water, her hands raised, her fingers reaching angrily for Alyssa's hair. "Leave her alone you bitches! Three against one isn't fai…URRRK…nnnnggggh." Charlize eyes widened as she struggled to suck air into her deflated lungs from the well-placed, surprise punch to her belly.

Alyssa had smirked as she whirled and pumped a fist deep into the lovely, would-be rescuer's totally unprepared abs, then chuckled, "Gotcha blondie!"

"Soooo sorry, Char. I knew you'd come to my rescue," Christina said insincerely, laughing as Alyssa grabbed the groaning blonde beauty by the hair and pulled Charlize in a tight full nelson. "Better straighten out my top, huh, Char? Or do you want to look at 'em some more?" Christina chirped as she slowly wiggled her beautiful, full, firm, bare breast back down into its cup, cradled her breasts in her hands and thrust her chest in Charlize's rosy red face.

"Unnnnnhhhhhh…oh, you bitch! You traitor! I'm gonna kill you. Gonna pound all of you," Charlize snarled as she struggled against Alyssa's tight and surprisingly painful restraining hold.

"Oh really. I'm soooooo scared. Aren't you girls?" Christina snickered as she reached out and ran her hands over Charlize's breasts, feeling their captive blonde's nipples stiffen at her touch.

Reese and Alicia joined the fun and began to tug at Charlize's hair, her bikini top and her bikini bottoms. They tugged just enough to expose the snarling, cursing beauty's treasures. A bit of breast squeezing, ass slapping and playful kissing added to Charlize's embarrassment, anger and her incredibly mixed feelings and wishes.

"Where's your girlfriend, sweetie?" Christina purred, giving Charlize's hard nipples a pinch.

"What's 'er name?" Reese asked with a lecherous grin. "Sunny, that's her name, right toots?" she giggled, jabbing Charlize in the chest with her index finger, then chucking her under the chin.

"Yeah, Sunny! She sure looked hot at dinner tonight," Alicia purred sexily. "Wonder if she'd like to join us? Whatcha think blondie, your girlfriend up for some fun, huh?"

"STAY AWAY FROM SUNNY….and Leggo of meEEEEE! Hey, Stop that…Ouch! Quit pinching. OWW! My boobs…NO, don't you dare," Charlize shouted orders as if she could actually enforce them. She acted brave but she was not only unnerved but a little frightened; not just by her lovely assailant's actions, but the fact they appeared to know all about Sunny.

"Bet that Sunny babe can't WAIT for you to get back. You have some hot and heavy plans for this evening, Char baby?" Christina asked, her tone teasing, mocking and the others followed her lead, teasing Charlize by adding details about her and Sunny's entire day - right down to what beauty treatments they both had, what they ate by candlelit dinner and what Sunny was wearing when Charlize left the room they shared.

"We've been watching you two hotties since you arrived," Alyssa said, tightening her painful hold on their struggling captive.

"Not much action today as far as catfightin.' We'll make up for it tonight. Gonna give a couple of blonde's a bit of action," Christina whispered in Charlize's ear as she leaned forward and pressed her heavy breasts in Charlize's face.

"Umppfffh," Charlize grunted as she suddenly felt the need for air. The blonde heard laughter and had the fleeting thought, 'If I gotta go, there are worse ways…'

"Hey, Christina. Enough already. Don't forget our plans. You've already had Char; let's go get Little Miss Sunshine."

Though Charlize was getting a bit woozy from a lack of air with Christina's heavy boobs covering her nose and mouth, not to mention the enervating warmth of the bubbly water; the voice was loud and clear…the sweet, sultry voice of Reese Witherspoon - Charlize's one-time conqueror.

"Damn! Looks like I'm still takin' orders from a blonde," Christina chirped. "Sorry, but I have to leave now, you hot and horny honeypot," Christina continued as she lifted her full breast and brushed the erect nipple to Charlize's lips. Charlize moaned as she felt the thick stiff nipple wiggle between her half-open lips, jutting right through the skimpy wet bikini top. "Reese and I are going up to say 'HI' to your long lost lover. Think she'll be glad to see us, Char, baby?" Christina taunted as she backed away from Charlize.

"You're crazy! Stay away from her. I mean it. Ouch! Oooooooh…" Charlize felt a most soothing touch suddenly as she watched Christina step away, turn and jump out of the Jacuzzi along with Reese.

"You really are one hot babe," Alicia purred. "Now me and Alyssa can have some fun with you-all by ourselves!"

She moved in on Charlize fast; her right hand beneath the bubbling waters moving in all the right ways - at least that's what the tall blonde's Southern "feelings" were telling her!

"STOP THAT! I'm gonna kill you, bitchh!. How dare you…..noooooo….oooooooh!" Charlize was finding it a bit difficult to be completely angry with her snickering assailant's fingers showing a surprising talent for 'pleasuring' that Charlize had never suspected of her.

"Hey, Alicia. Don't forget. Miss Charlize's 'mountains' are REALLY sensitive. WHOOPS! 'scuse me, did I just call those 'mountains?' Silly me! I meant 'foothills'. Hee-hee-hee. I'd never wanna be accused of 'making mountains out of mole hills'," Christina laughed snidely as she took in the erotic struggle she (reluctantly) was going to have to leave. She patted Reese on the butt, then as she turned to leave, her eye caught a glimpse of something on the ground beside Charlize's ice bucket. "Oh my! what have we here? Why, it's her key card! This'll be our ticket to enjoy a bit of 'Sunnyshine'."

Charlize bit her lip, stifled her erotic feelings for a split second and cut loose with some choice epithets as Christina and Reese disappeared around the corner, holding hands and giggling.

"Ooooooooooh. Noooooooooo. Pleassseeee."

"Awww, whatsa matter, blondie? You don't ya like THIS?" Alicia taunted as she worked her magic beneath the bubbling jets of steamy water. Charlize groaned and struggled as Alyssa tried to control her with her fingers; feeling Alyssa's full breasts pressed against her upper back. She smiled as a momentary erotic picture flashed through her mind. She swore she could hear Alyssa's screams as - somehow - she'd broken free and was pounding her captor senseless, taking her down and sinking her talons deep into Alyssa's luscious full breasts as she attacked the stiff nipples that were now poking into her shoulder blades. "Guess I'll switch tactics, but I'm sure you won't mind!" Alicia taunted as she suddenly reached up with both hands, grabbed the straps of Charlize's bikini top and yanked them down around her elbows, trapping her arms at her sides. "Oh my, look at these perky little boobies," Alicia cackled as she latched onto both of Charlize's hard, pink nipples.


"Yep, I guess they really are as sensitive as advertised. Maybe I should give 'em a little smootch."

Thunk! Thud! "Unnnhhhhhhh….Arggggggh." As had Alicia lowered her head, Charlize cut loose with a vicious head butt. Alicia saw stars, then uttered a second grunt of pain when her groin felt the wrath from an angry blonde's knee.

"What the hell….whoaaa!" Alyssa felt her captive's body explode with a completely unexpected burst of energy. She started to lose her grip, then felt her captive completely break free as a long strong leg hooked around hers. Sensing a taste of freedom from Alyssa's loosening grip, Charlize added a backward push and slammed her elbow back hard flattening Alyssa's left breast. The tall South African reached down, grabbed Alyssa's leg and chuckled as she dumped her stunned captor underwater.

"Ouccccch!" Alicia yelped as Charlize smacked her in the face, grabbed her by the hair and tried to pull her under the water. Alicia fought back hard and a furious struggle ensued. "Uhhhhhhhh," the busty brown-haired beauty grunted as Charlize fired a fist into her right breast, then in a lightning fast move, she pulled her top off and wrapped it around her rival's neck.

"Gonna pull you down; choke you or drown you. Have a preference, bitch?" Charlize snapped as she pulled the top tight around Alicia's neck and bent her backwards.

"Argggggh." Charlize didn't hear the answer because she lost all sense of hearing as her entire world exploded when Alyssa slammed a devastating, breath-stealing, punch into her lower back. "Awwwww…" Charlize gasped as a long, strong arm wrapped around her neck; hard knuckles pressed into the sore numb spot in her back. The big blonde felt that she was being bent backwards into two long luscious pieces.

"So sorry to break up your fun, blondie. Ya know I think my friend is mad. Look out, here she comes!"

"Eeeeeyahhh!" Charlize's beautiful eyes were as big as saucers, as she watched the furious, topless, Alicia lunge towards her. Strangely her vengeful attacker seemed to be moving in slow motion. Once again, Alyssa had put Charlize in a full nelson.

Kawhumppp! Charlize gasped as Alicia slammed into her full force. Alyssa grunted as the force of the two luscious bodies meeting almost made her lose her balance. Four beautiful breasts crushed together. Charlize sucked air as she felt strong hands grab her by the throat and a knee slam hard into her crotch.

"Payback is sooooo sweet," Alicia whispered in the groaning blonde's ear. "Release her, now!" Alicia demanded.

Alyssa flashed her a look of curiosity, but did as she was told. Charlize was in so much pain that the feel of freedom did nothing for her. Alicia slapped her hard, drove an uppercut to her chin, then as she watched the blonde begin to sway, she zipped in, grabbed her by the boobs.

"Uhhhhhhhh," Charlize gasped as she felt the long strong fingers twisting, stretching and pinching her rock hard super sensitive nipples.

"Well, don't just stand there; join in the fun!" Alicia snipped, inviting Alyssa to help herself to a serving of 'blonde fun.'

"Shoot girl, don't mind if I do," Alyssa laughed as she reached for Charlize's bikini bottom. "Let's strip her and then have some REAL fun."

"Stop it, please. Oooooooooh….noooooooo." Once again Charlize sounded half-hearted in her demands for a cessation to the erotic action. Alyssa grabbed a handful of blonde hair, jerked Charlize's head back and slipped her tongue in her mouth. Her free hand held up the blondes soaking wet bikini bottom, gave it a twirl and sent them flying onto the pool deck where they landed with a soft, wet, SPLAT! Charlize groaned as that mischievous hand dipped underwater and returned to her body for a bit of fun.

"These little nubs really ARE super-sensitive; just like Christina said," Alicia laughed in between her aggressive kissing and sucking.

"Hey, speaking of Christina; I wonder if she's 'basking in Sunnyshine' yet?" Alyssa giggled and felt their captive's body begin to shiver.

"Sunny…oh Sunny…" Charlize moaned.


Up in the room she shared with Charlize, Sunny was impatiently awaiting her lover's return. "Gosh, Charlize. Please hurry up. Get that ice and your hot and horny ass back here," she muttered as she paced the room. She glanced over at the bottle of expensive champagne sitting on the last bit of melting ice. "Wow, am I hot," she whispered as she studied her delicious reflection in the mirror. She shifted her teddy just enough to reveal the top of her luscious areola. "Whoops, better not show too much treasure," she mused.

Sunny saw a picture in her mind of Charlize's lustful look and cute impish, hungry smile. She cupped her breasts and teased her nipples to rock hard perfection. She licked her lips and then blew a kiss to the image in the mirror. "Gonna put this long, boring day to rest. Maybe I'll tangle with Charlize for a nightcap; wrestle her down into the Jacuzzi and have my way with her….or letting her have her way with me. Oh yeah!"

Sunny was thinking about the fun she would have when Charlize got back. As she thought about the day she had some weird thoughts. It almost felt like somebody watching her and Charlize…and there'd been no catfights! How strange. After all, this was THE Catfight Resort. She had heard rumors that there were catfights all the time here. She'd heard rumors the place was informally "run" by two or three young women and she wondered who they were, then thought, 'Oh hell. What difference would it make if I knew anyway.' Just then, Sunny heard the key card in the door. "Gonna make myself look good. Adjust this teddy just right. Slip over close to the Jacuzzi. Oh Charlize, sweetie, come on, hurry in and let's start the fun. I'll close my eyes and you sneak up behind me and take me rough, OK, girlfriend?"

"Let's get her!" The words weren't spoken aloud, but Christina and Reese communicated as if by telepathy and both knew exactly what the other desired. They crept like silent cats across the plush carpet until they reached their goal.

"Hey Sunny girl! Let's have some FUN!" Christina shouted as she stepped up behind the beautiful blonde and buried her grasping fingers deep in Sunny's hair.

Sunny screamed as her lovely head was jerked back hard at the same instant she felt strong, hungry, hands rip the thin spaghetti straps of her teddy to bare her luscious breasts.

"Nice boobs, hon!" Reese snickered as she reached out, captured a stiff brown nipple, tugged at the nub and give the firm mound a stinging slap.

"Yeowwwww!" Sunny squealed, her eyes going wide in shock at the agony. She instinctively slapped Reese's hand away and Reese yelped, ducking as Sunny's angry fist flashed past inches from her face.

"Feisty little bitch aren't we?"

Feisty bitch indeed! Sunny instantly turned into a wildcat, back-fisting Christina in the face, then firing a hard kick to Reese's groin.

"Unnnnhhhh," the young blonde grunted as she fell backward into a wall clutching her crotch. "Arggggh," Christina gasped again when Sunny's elbow slammed back into her cushy bosom.

The tall, now-furious, porn star spun around, grabbed Christina's silky brown hair, wrenched her lovely head back and forth, then treated her to a mind numbing, eye-blurring head butt. But like Christina, Sunny's head was also now spinning. The shock of the surprise intrusion and attack had been bad enough, but the major disappointment stemming from the absence of lovely Charlize's "candy" was just about more than Sunny's over-stimulated psyche could bear.

"Where the hell was she? Hell, enough funky monkey games!" Sunny thought as she glanced at her reflection in the mirror; admiring her beauty - noting that her teddy had slipped completely down off her lovely chest. She winked at the sparkling, eyes blazing back from the mirror, tweaked her erect nipples, took a quick glance at the still stunned Christina, licked her lips and moved in for the kill. "You stupid bitch! You wanta fight ME? Well then, let's get it on!"

Christina let out a half-yell; half-threat reply as she raised her knee up hard - but not nearly fast enough. "Nice leg, but a stupid move; real stupid!" Sunny snapped as she caught the petite pretty's lovely leg in midair; her sharp nails digging painfully into the muscle as her skilled hand grabbed the ankle and wrenched it painfully. "One pretty, but pretty dumb broad is goin' down," Sunny snickered as she easily dumped Christina to the carpet on her butt and fired a kick to her ribs. As Christina rolled over, Sunny gave her another boot in her back. "I hear those are quite nice. Let's see 'um!" Sunny laughed as she pulled the dazed Christina to her feet by her bikini top - stretching and stretching it until it finally yielded up its heavy, lovely cargo.

Sunny smiled with delight as she took in Christina's freshly revealed twin peaks and treated her stiffening nipples to some furious pinching and twisting. "Oh yeah, Char was right; you ARE built, sweetie," Sunny said as she delivered a blistering slap to her rival's face. A swift kick to her lovely derriere sent Christina sprawling headlong into Reese.


"Look out, clumsy!"

Sunny burst into laughter as she watched Christina slam into Reese and the two of them flop on the floor in a most erotic tangle of beauty. She was pretty sure it wasn't just a mistake that Reese grabbed Christina's beautiful bare breast and give it a firm squeeze before she got up.

"Alright, let's put this dumb bitch in her place!" Reese snarled.

"Yeah, let's pound her senseless, strip her; then give her a little underwater swim, huh?" Christina agreed.

Hearing their anger and knowing what catfight revenge can mean; listening to the nasty plots convinced Sunny her best course was to cut and run - discretion being one of her most underrated characteristics. 'Gonna leave this snake pit and find my darling; then we'll come back and clean house together,' Sunny thought as she turned and headed for the door.

(Whoossssh) Pitter-patter. BONK! "Eeeeiyaaah."

The pretty blonde tigress Reese jumped on the bed, using the mattress to pounce on her gorgeous, fleeing prey. "Gotcha!" she proclaimed with glee as she landed on Sunny's back. She grabbed Sunny's blonde hair, pulled and twisted as she wrapped her legs tight around her waist. The power of the impact of Reese's weight sent Sunny staggering, then she slowly went down to her knees.

"That's it. You got her girl!" Christina cheered as the younger blonde went all out, slapping, pulling hair and ripping at Sunny's lose, torn teddy. Sunny fought furiously but she knew she was in big trouble!

"Mind if I help out a bit?" Christina's rhetorical question brought a grin to Reese's face and more than a bit of intrepidity to Sunny's mind as she swatted and slapped at her two lovely assailant's hungry, determined fingers.

"OUCH! My hair! Stop that! Unnnggghh…my ribs…my legs. OW! My boobs. STOP IT. NOooo. Not there!" Sunny's protests were detailing the action like an erotic roadmap as her two determined attackers got to know every inch of the beautiful blonde's luscious body. Working together, Christina and Reese soon had Sunny winded and exhausted; Reese working above the blonde's waist and Christina committing her delightful crimes below! As Sunny's resistance was overcome, she was stripped down to just her totally shredded g-string panties.

"Think Miss Sunshine is gettin' a bit too hot?" Christina teased as she tickled her fluttering fingers over her captive's long, lean, almost perfectly muscled thighs. Sunny's only reaction was a low moan and a soft groan that wreaked of reluctant heat.

Reese cackled, "Oh yeah, she's burnin' up. But I know how to cool her down. Hold her tight!"

In a split second Reese was reaching for the champagne. The cork popped and the blonde returned with a most mischievous smile. Reese's eyes took in the erotic sight of her topless friend sitting on Sunny's waist, pinning her wrists down with one hand and fondling a luscious breast with the other.

"Let her up just a bit."

Feeling freedom for a second, Sunny struggled valiantly and tried to break away but Christina easily brought the heavy-breathing porn star back into submission with a couple of well-placed belly blows and a secure choke hold from behind.

"Sweetie, you're NOT getting away from us. We like you too much!" Reese taunted as Christina bent the tall blonde back, holding Sunny in a most erotic; very vulnerable pose as Reese slowly poured the cold, wet bubbly down her throat, over her breasts and belly, then even lower. "Gosh, I'm thirsty!" Reese whispered in a low lusty tone as she knelt and flicked her tongue out. Sunny moaned, then gasped, then groaned as the young blonde tasted her sweetness mixed with the cool champagne.

"My, oh my; is this babe hot. She's melting Sunshine," Christina rasped as she heard Sunny's response from her hungry friend's lips and fingers. "We'd better cool her off before she combusts; dontcha think?"

"Oh yeah, most definitely!"

"No. Noooooo. Pleaseeee. Stop." Splash!

After a brief struggle, Christina and Reese wrestled Sunny into the Jacuzzi where created a delicious 'Sunny sandwich', working the struggling blonde over with slaps and punches before throwing in some hot erotic moves for good measure. The water seemed to revive Sunny's feistiness so they ducked her several times to gain full control and it worked like a charm.

When Sunny's red, gasping, sputtering face broke the surface after a lengthy ducking Christina teased, "What's the matter? Getting tired Sunny? You seem way to tense; you should learn to relax! After all this IS a resort!"

Reese fired a wicked low blow, then put the breathless Sunny in a full nelson as Christina moved with a mischievous, lusty smirk. She slipped both hands over the swell of Sunny's firm little breasts, gave them a slow squeeze then lowered her head and sucked an erect nipple into her mouth as her hand slipped even lower.

"Ooooooh. Noooooo. Oooohh. Myyyyy. Sssstop." Not spoken with total and complete persuasion; in fact, with quite a bit of conflicting feelings no doubt! The lovely out numbered, overpowered beauty was losing her feistiness as skillful fingers found their underwater target and began to score points rapidly and repeatedly.

"Charlize, Charlize, where are you? I miss you…HELP! Rescue me…" Sunny's brain screamed.

"Rescue…rescue me!" The plea was desperate - but unspoken.

Elsewhere, Charlize was putting up a valiantly struggle of her own!

Alicia and Alyssa had drooled most of the whole day away as they quietly and unobtrusively stalked the tall beautiful blonde throughout her 'boring' day. After hearing Christina talk about her fling with the gorgeous South African actress on the set of 'Monster' they each decided to find out for herself what all the fuss was about. They had silently vowed that no one, not even each other would stand in the way of claiming the cherished "blonde" prize. Working together, Alicia and Alyssa had brought Charlize under control, gaining her submission far easier and earlier than either expected. But "submission" is a relative term - especially when it comes to blonde bombshells.

"We gotcha now!" Alyssa had mouthed the prideful words as she held the struggling blonde tenaciously, holding on tight as Alicia bitch-slapped Charlize senseless, mauled her deliciously perky breasts and twisted her rock hard sensitive nipples to the point of bringing a most tearful, pleading plea for 'mercy'. "Now go for something a bit more fun, Alicia sweetie."

Alicia giggled at the thought and her fingers soon had Charlize giggling, or at least making sounds close to that. Her fingers had made the most erotic sounds as they splashed in the water as they fulfilled their 'heat-seeking' mission.

"Oooooooh. Stop. Nooooo. Yessss. Faster. Harder. Noooo. Stop that. I'll (Uhhhhh) kill you…" Charlize's beautiful pouted lips expressed her steamy thoughts as she struggled against her captors; cursing them one moment, cheering them on the next.

"Hey, don't wear her out. I want my turn!" Alyssa wanted more of the real action but she released her grip on their prisoner a bit too early.

WHAM! BAM! "No thank you, Ma'am." (Well those words COULD have been spoken.)

The action was fast and furious as Charlize unleashed a tornado of flying fists, slaps, and chops. Alyssa felt the pain first, as the blonde snapped her head back with several jabs, then landed a devastating right hook to her jaw.

"What the hell…Uhhhhhh." Alicia had barely gotten the words out when Charlize's foot slammed into her leg. A solid punch to the solar-plexus, followed by two jabs to the ribs and a hard fist flattened the young actresses left breast!

"Let's see whatcha got, girls!" Charlize snipped as she tore off Alicia's top and treated her to an uppercut that sent her sprawling backward, then slipping under the bubbling water. "OK, she's fine, but yours are SOOOO much better, er, uh, I mean bigger," Charlize cackled as she grabbed the front straps of Alyssa's top, yanked down hard and popped the busty brunette's huge breasts into view. "Such nice big firm tits. Just like Christina's," Charlize observed as she reached up, latched onto the stunned Alyssa's full chest and dug her nails in deep.

"Unnnnhhhhhh," Alyssa groaned as her breasts exploded in agony. Then her crotch felt the same explosive torment when Charlize's knee came up hard and fast.

"Two against one may not be FAIR, but it CAN be soooo much fun….Uhhhhhhmpfh." Charlize's victory celebration was cut short as her lower back exploded in shock waves of agony!

Alicia was ready for a change of pace! More than ready. A sweet gentle spirit outside. But deep down, a nasty little catfight temperament as she was about to prove to Charlize big time. Charlize gasped as her kidney exploded in pain. A long angry arm wrapped around the her throat and pulled her over backward; dragging her down as water covered her face, filling her nose, her throat, blinding her eyes. Intense pain engulfed her tight abs and raked down her legs.

"Bring her up!" The words sounded like they were coming from a tunnel. Charlize broke the surface and gulped precious air.

"Now, you're mine; all mine!" Charlize blinked her eyes and as she blinked away the blurry images, two beautiful topless babes ready to fight each other for the right to her body slowly came into focus. Maybe they would…maybe not…

"Ah hell. She's a big girl; let's share!" (Which they did!)

"Ouch. Stop that. NOOOOOooooo… What are you doINGGG!!? Hey, that's not … Ooooooh." Charlize's commentary seemed to be echoing Sunny's as she began a running commentary of her predicament as Alicia and Alyssa worked her like a well-oiled team; assaulting the out-numbered tall beautiful blonde with slaps, punches, hair pulls - and plenty of dunks under the bubbly water to keep her breathless

"Hey don't hold her down too long! She needs a breather. That long luscious hot body needs to stretch out and relax," Reese quipped as she grabbed Christina's wrists and pulled them out of the water. Christina reluctantly pulled Charlize up out of the water via her drenched hair and smiled as the gorgeous beauty coughed and gulped in precious air.

"Nooooo. What the hell? STOP! Let…me…go," Charlize protested weakly as her two rivals forced her back against the Jacuzzi's curved ladder, then slowly bent her over backward. Giggling and drooling with anticipation of lovely, sweet mischief to come, they bound Charlize's limp, unresisting wrists to the ladder with two bikini tops. They chuckled as their hungry, lustful eyes took in the struggling, squirming blonde's luscious vulnerability. Reese moved in close, cupped Charlize's chin, then bent down and gave her a light kiss on her perfectly puckered, quivering lips as her hand closed over a firm breast and her fingers teased the stiff sensitive nipple.

"Isn't she pretty? Too bad she and Sunny weren't together. Oh well, maybe we can take this hot blonde's mind off her Little Miss Sunshine," Alyssa whispered as she slipped up close to Charlize's lower half and ran her palm down between her captive's breasts, over her hard flat abs, moving ever lower….lower. Soon, Alyssa was tugging on Charlize's bikini bottom, slowly pulling it down, revealing a neatly trimmed silky golden triangle.

"Stop it. Just stop it now, you two nasty dirty bitches," Charlize sounded tough, angry, furious, but only briefly for her resolve for revenge was fading fast; melting in liquid heat as a hungry mouth and flashing tongue teased her firm breast to full arousal. Then the melting heat overcame her most wonderful Southern Region as other fingers and light kisses accomplished their mission.

"Sunny, oh Sunny, come rescue me…help meeeeeeeeee……unnnnnhhhhh….mmmmm…"

Far away, similar steamy, yearning words were uttered, "Charlize, please…rescue me….ooooooh…ohhhhh….ummmmm…"

'Today turned out REALLY well. Sooooo good! This is sooo much fun,' thought four quite contented young women as they enjoyed a supersized helping of "blonde sweetness." Four lustfully hungry minds continued, 'Hmmmm. Wonder if these two blonde lovebirds will hang around this paradise we call The Catfight Resort for one more day? If so, maybe we can swap!'

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