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Most stories on the page are - to the best of our knowledge - fiction! You will see "placeholders" for pictures in most stories but in the interest of avoiding problems over copyrights, we will NOT include them. The stories are ORIGINAL WORKS by talented writers that paint a verbal picture that mere images cannot improve upon.THIS PAGE contains links to stories written by us, and others, about Charlize Theron, her friends and her rivals!

As you read these stories remember that OUR Charlize is a nubile and sexually liberated young woman. While her breasts are on the 'smallish' side
they're also very sensitive and her opponents try to take advantage of that perceived 'weakness.' She can be easily aroused and when she is, she can
lose focus as her body succumbs to her libido. It's not pretty to watch when a strong, athletic, young woman is beaten by an opponent of lesser skill -
but one with stronger mental, and physical, control of their body - but it's exciting! Now that Charlize's weaknesses are well known and documented
there will never again be a fight or contest in which she won't face the possibility of her opponent reversing the situation to send Charlize down to a
stunning and humiliating defeat! So readers should keep that thought in mind as they read this collection of stories .....
"starring The Golden Goddess"!!


Fight Night @ Joe's Bar & Grill!
A state-of-the-art, high-tech, fight club in LA; Charlize's 'home ring'; one of many stops on one of the several "Celebrity Women's Boxing Tours"
CLICK the title to get all the fights in this CONTINUING SERIES (stories by Joe, Kim & others!)

Fight #1: Boxing vs Jennifer Garner by Greg Crawford
Fight #2: Boxing vs Jennifer Lopez by Greg Crawford

A long time ago, the 23 y/o Charlize faces a 24 y/o Natasha Henstridge. These TWO fights began the feud that still rages!
FLASHBACK! A DVD showing Charlize's "first title fight" - challenging Lucy Lawless in 97 by big fan
Match #1: Charlize "The Scissor Queen" v Shannen "The Claw Queen" Doherty by The Walkin' Dude
Match #2: Charlize "The Scissor Queen" v Neve Campbell - "Battle of the Scissors" by The Walkin' Dude
Match #3: Charlize "The Scissor Queen" v Monica "Sexy Thing" Bellucci by The Walkin' Dude
Match #4: Charlize "The Scissor Queen" v "The Slayer" Sarah Michelle Gellar (Title Match) by The Walkin' Dude
Match #5: Charlize "The Golden Goddess" v Natasha Henstridge (Steel Cage Match) by Greg Crawford
Match #6: Charlize "The Golden Goddess" v Rosario Dawson (CCW Title Match) by bigfan
Match #7: Charlize "The Golden Goddess" v Laura Prepon (from CCW Show #20) by bigfan
Match #8: Charlize "The Golden Goddess" v Tricia Helfer (from CCW Show #21) by bigfan
Match #9: Charlize "The Golden Goddess" v Stacy "Legs" Keibler (revised from the original by 'The Amateur')
Match #10: Charlize "The Golden Goddess" v Amanda Righetti (revised from the original by rutooold2)
Match #11: Charlize "The Golden Goddess" v Rachel Nichols by rutooold2
March #12: Charlize "The Golden Goddess" v Eva Amurri by rutooold2
NEW STORY: Nov 2009!

Charlize's Angels! A series about 'blonde avengers' lead by Charlize by The Masked Avenger

CHARLIZE' GREAT ADVENTURE: (stories by different authors - strung together for a more/less logical story!)

How it all began! It's 1994; Charlize is auditioning for the lead in what became "Showgirls"! Read why she didn't get the part!!!

Pt.1: Angelina Jolie by K&G
Pt.2: Charlize & Sharon Stone v Angelina Jolie by Scott
Pt.3: Jennifer Lopez (w/Angelina Jolie) by Ginny
Pt.4: Laetitia Casta by technetium
Pt.5: Angelina Jolie (re: Billy Bob Thornton) by K&G
Pt.6: Angelina Jolie (re: Billy Bob Thornton - still!) by Scott
Pt.7: Kelly Lynch
Pt.8: Lucy Liu & Gillian Anderson by imitation
Pt.9: Jamie Lee Curtis (w/Lucy Liu)
Pt.10: Meryl Streep & Julianne Moore
Pt. 11A: Charlize Meets the Clintons (Pts 1-2: Chelsea Clinton) by Bob
Pt. 11B: Charlize Meets the Clintons (Conclusion) by Ginny (coming someday?)
Pt. 12A: Christina Ricci & Jennifer Lopez by Scott
Pt. 12B: Christina Ricci by Scott
Pt. 13: Uma Thurman
Pt. 14: "The Heather Hassle" w/Dian Parkinson/Gena Lee Nolin/Nikki Cox/Heather Locklear/Sunny McKay
Pt. 15: "Muscle Beach Bitches" w/Karen McDougal/Cori Nadine/Kiana Tom/Cat Bell/Sunny McKay
Pt. 16: Ambushed! Four Fights w/Tammy Lynn Michaels (w/Melissa Ethridge) by Bob
Pt. 17: "Renewing Acquaintances!" Teri Hatcher: ("2 Days In The Valley" Rematch)
Pt. 18: Charlize Faces Eight (8) "Munchkins" in a 'Best of Three Falls' handicap tag match by Hawkeye

Pt. 19: Free For All: Deborah Norville, Nancy O'Dell, Christina Ricci & Penelope Cruz
Pt. 20: Charlize & Sunny McKay v Denise Richards & Neve Campbell (+Richards vs Chasm Lane/Jenna Jameson) by bocarat
Pt. 21: Charlize v Karen Cliche (boxing) by simguy
Pt. 22: Charlize Theron v Angelina Jolie (yet again) by Scott
Pt. 23: Charlize Theron v Angelina Jolie (this time helping Jennifer Aniston)
Pt. 24: Charlize throws a temper tantrum in a club and kicks some serious azz! by Rob
Pt. 25: Charlize faces Rachel Bilson in a sauna! (Bonus Match from "Sauna Fights Finale")

VENDETTA! Charlize v The Italians (a series)
Vendetta Part 1: (All The Marbles #5) Charlize & Kristanna Loken v Manuela Acura & Monica Bellucci (+ CT sexfights Laetitia Casta!)
Vendetta Part 2: After the sexfight w/Casta; Sunny arranges "revenge" with help from Silvia Saint!
Vendetta Part 3: Tag Team: Charlize w/Sunny McKay v Aria Giovanni w/Sunny Leone by Boeing666
Vendetta Part 4: Charlize v Monica Bellucci (w/Cristina Scabbia) by Boeing666
Vendetta Part 5: Charlize v Cristina Scabbia by Boeing666
Vendetta Part 6: Charlize v Monica Bellucci by Boeing666
Vendetta Part 7: Charlize in a Survivor Series (5 on 5 Tag Team Match) by Boeing666


Tyra Banks (FCBA Boxing) by simguy+K&G)

Pt.1: Tyra Banks by MARS
Pt.2: w/Nastasha Henstridge v Tyra Banks by MARS

Tyra Banks by regular visitor

In 1858 South Africa; two women in hand-to-hand combat as
Anli Uys (Charlize) vs. a Zulu Princess Nala, (Tyra Banks) Historical Story by Jackflash

Halle Berry in A Night At The Oscars: "And The Winner Is..." by The Amateur

Cat Bell: How it all began! The early 90's; Charlize and Cat are roommates; catfights; lifelong(?) animosity! by bocarat

Catherine "Cat" Bell: (14 FCBA boxing matches by the legendary simguy)

Cat Bell: Charlize's 2002 Christmas Gift!

Monica Bellucci by The Walkin' Dude (Different from the 'Vendetta' fight)

Naomi Campbell by Southgate

"Ginny's Mischief" starring Playmate Cady Cantrell

Angie Everhart by Bob

Charlize Theron in "Ten Rounds of Hell" (Part One) by jermaine
Charlize (somehow) gets talked into facing 10 different women one round each in a charity boxing exhibition!

Charlize Theron in "Ten Rounds of Hell" (Part Two) by jermaine
Charlize's exhausting combat against 10 consecutive opponents continues in this charity boxing exhibition!

"Ten Rounds of Hell" (Part Three) by jermaine
"Ten Rounds of Hell" concludes with one final fight - and Charlize at ringside - as
Aisha Tyler (w/Lucy Liu in her corner) faces Brooke Burke (w/Eva Longoria in hers!)

The 2001 Howard Stern Invitational Tournament (Charlize in a series of fights v Catherine "Cat" Bell)

The 2003 Howard Stern Tournament (Facing different opponents - in different contests!)
LAST UPDATE - Dec 28, 2003 (more to come - someday?)

Jennifer Garner (FCBA boxing) by simguy

Jennifer Garner - "Best of Seven" match series (FCBA boxing) by simguy
NEW STORY: May 2009

Mariska Hargitay by Bob

w/Sunny McKay vs Uschi Digart + Kathie Lee Gifford

Angie Harmon by John J.

Kelly Hu

Liz Hurley (3 EXTREME boxing - Fight to a KO finish!) by simgrrl + simguy

Elke Jeinsen by Southgate (Hef vs. Hollywood #5)

Scarlett Johansson by Doom

Ashley Judd (FCBA boxing) by simguy

Nastassja Kinski by (unknown)

Charlize's Nightmare Flight (Multi-part story w/LOTS of celebrity catfights)

Kelly Ripa by Bob

Sharon Stone (2002 Oscars) by Bob

Ali Landry (FCBA boxing) by simguy

Tea Leoni (UCWL fights) by longtime lurker

Put Up or Shut Up#17: Elle MacPherson (w/ref Serena Williams) by Blizzard

Ann Margret by Bob

Charlize+Sunny McKay v Karen McDougal+Kyla Cole (at Playboy Mansion) by IRISH+friends

Sunny McKay in "Sangria Savvy" by bocarat

Dina Meyer boxing (FCBA) by simguy

Alyssa Milano by Bob

Alyssa Milano & Alicia Silverstone

Gena Lee Nolin by John J.

Gena Lee Nolin & Kristanna Loken

Amanda Peet (3 UCWL fights by longtime lurker)

Playmates Pt.1: Cady Cantrell by Southgate
Playmates Pt.2: Karen McDougal by Irish
Playmates Pt. 3: Karen McDougal (Rematch) by Irish

Ambush #5: w/Sunny McKay+Lisa Dergan v Karen McDougal+Kathy Ireland (w/Cat Bell) by Irish

Peta Wilson boxing (FCBA) by simguy)

Peta Wilson by Kim

Reese Witherspoon (for the lead in 'Sweet Home Alabama') by K&G

Catherine Zeta-Jones by MARS ("film noir" style)

Catherine Zeta-Jones (A charity softball game gets out of hand!
Parts 1-2 of a THREE PART SAGA! (to be continued)

Catherine Zeta-Jones boxing (FCBA) by simguy)

Catherine Zeta-Jones in "Leg Battle"

Charlize and Sunny McKay appear in MOST Pornstar Fight Club stories in a 'supporting' capacity
Here are some of the Porn Star Fight Club stories in which Charlize either has ROUSING fights or other 'interesting' experiences......

Porn Star Fight Club #24: Charlize v Sunny McKay!!
Porn Star Fight Club #37 Charlize v Nicole Kidman
Porn Star Fight Club #40: Charlize+Nicole Kidman v Sunny McKay+Paris Hilton
Porn Star Fight Club #50: Charlize v Pam Anderson (in TWO fights!)
From Porn Star Fight Club #61: Pam Anderson joins "The Sexual Domination of Charlize Theron"
NEW STORY: Jan 2010!

Charlize sits down with other celebrities to chat about topics of interest to their fans

Charlize interviews Gena Lee Nolin

Charlize interviews Laetitia Casta

EMAIL US and tell us who else you'd like Charlize to interview. We'll try to set it up!!


1999 v Naomi Campbell (vote fight: 158-82)
1999 v Famke Janssen (vote fight: 135-119)
2001 v Shania Twain by Doug (at The Internantional Celebrity Catfight Tournament)
2001 v Shania Twain (a match at The International Celebrity Catfight Tournament)
2003 v Heather Donahue (from "Hollywood Hellcats")
Put Up or Shut Up#9: Virginia Hey (of 'Farscape' fame)
Put Up or Shut Up#11: Natasha Henstridge (star of 'She Spies' & 'Species') by Blizzard
Put Up or Shut Up #18: Charlize-Gina Gershon get involved in Sunny's Strap-on match v Traci Lords by Blizzard
"Saving Sunny!" (follow-up to 'Put Up or Shut Up #19' - Sunny v Mila Jovovich w/Sunny being kidnapped!) by simgrrl
Catfight Resort #14: Charlize v Alicia Silverstone + Milano/McKay v Ricci/Witherspoon
Catfight Resort #17: Charlize+Pam Anderson v Jennifer Lopez+Cindy Crawford
Booty Queens #5: "Booty Queen": Charlize "faces" old nemesis Jennifer Lopez by Freddy Roberts
"Dancing With The Queen": Charlize Theron v Stacy "Legs" Keibler by bocarat
DVD Highlights - "(Getting) The Best of Charlize Theron" - Highlights (?) of her most humiliating defeats!
Charlize v Shakira (vote fight from Coyotte's Board)

Charlize's appeances in the 'All The Marbles' Celebrity Tag Team Wrestling League are documented here.
Originally partnered with Kristanna Loken (managed by Sharon Stone), after falling out w/Loken, Charlize had to try several different partners.

w/Loken v The Italian Goddesses (Monica Bellucci+Manuela Acuri) from Paris, France [w/bonus Charlize v Laetitia Casta sexfight!]
w/Cat Bell v The Unbeatables (Cori Nadine+Victoria Silvstedt) from Anaheim, Calif.
w/Loken v The Coroners (Tamara Tunie+Khandi Alexander) from Hollywood Memorial Sports Arena
w/Loken v The Persian Princesses (Cat Bell+Shannon Elizabeth) from Long Beach, Calif.
w/Loken-Stone v The Dominion Dominatrixes (Six woman tag team: Liz Hurley, Cath. Zeta-Jones, Kelly Brook) from Wembley Stadium, London



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