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Caution - The following story has content of an adult nature, i.e.. FemDom, castration, infidelity and lesbian sex and should not be viewed by minors... or if you do not like kinky erotic literiture...

A Wife’s Prerogative

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By R - "A story for my husband, lest he ever dare cheat on me….."

Magda had always been intrigued by her fascination with castration. Even from a relatively early age in her native town of Maple Downs in the English county of Leicester, any accounts of men being emasculated would instantly seize her attention. She was not what you would call a beautiful girl. But she counted herself as attractive if a little diminutive in manner and appearance. At school, her light brown hair, small dark eyes and a penchant to stare when she wasn’t wearing her glasses contributed towards her nick-name of ‘mouse’.

At University she once chaired a debate on whether rapists should have the option of castration in return for reduced prison sentences. Such a subject, at the time, was considered rather risqué, but vogue. The ‘fors’ won, the conclusion being that all sex offenders should have the option of surgical castration as a part of their rehabilitation treatment.

By her mid twenties she was subscribing articles to various magazines on the subject, though usually under a pseudonym. And she actually met her husband through an internet chat line, whilst discussing the various health merits of castration. It had become apparent to her that men fell into three categories. There were those that found castration of little interest - merely a mutilation. Then, there were those for whom castration was a thing of horror - the renown Freudian castration complex. And finally, those that found the subject a stimulant. Robert, her husband, was in the later category, and on their first date they spent much of the evening discussing all the various facets of the topic. During courtship and subsequent marriage their sex life was enthused by imaginative games in which Robert would be threatened with castration if he did not comply with Magda’s commands. It was quickly evident to Magda that Robert was also aroused by fantasies of female domination.

Fleetingly, Magda had relished the dark thought of actually castrating Robert, but held no illusions that such an act would realistically put an end to their sex life.

After three years their marriage began to go stale, with the inevitable onset of creeping indifference. It was about the same time that she had also begun to develop a very close friendship with a woman at her office. Salacious thoughts of them frolicking naked together gave her cause to question her very sexual orientation. Then, one weary, sullen late November day a well-wisher discretely let it slip that Robert was having an affair, and revealed with whom. Magda’s first reaction was rage and an overwhelming urge to confront him. But Robert was away on a conference in London, and it was several days before he returned home. By then, she had cooled down a tad, and decided on a very different plan of retribution.

On the Friday night he was due to return she donned suspenders, black stockings and a short leather skirt that guaranteed a flash of white flesh each time she bent over. She selected a low necked halter top, together with a bra that boosted her cleavage to Dolly Parton proportions.

Robert’s tongue ran across his lips when his wife confronted him at the door. Her mode of dress was their signal that ‘games’ were to commence. After a week of abstinence in London, he didn’t even bother to unpack.

“Take off all your clothes Robert.” She demanded, feet astride, hands on hips.

“Yes, Magda.” He whispered obediently. He slipped off his jacket, tie, shirt, shoes socks, and trousers. He gently eased his blue cotton briefs down and stood before her, uncovered.

“Have you been good while you were away?” Magda asked in his ear. She circled him and he caught the heady scent of Faberge.

“I, did drink a little too much.” He admitted diffidently, his chin dropping to his chest.

“No naughty ladies I hope?” She cooed menacingly in a low voice.

“Oh no, I daren’t.” He muttered. “I’d… be afraid of your punishment.”

“Ah, and what would I do?” She asked, wandering over to slump into a plush burgundy leather armchair. Facing him, her fingers drummed on the arms.

“You…. er, you… “ He started.

“Well?” She barked.

“You’d neuter me.” He said finally, seeing Magda frown at his hardening erection.

“Oh yes, my dear Robert. I’d certainly castrate you.” She smiled without humour. She’d opened her legs and he could see up to the dark vee in between. Black lace panties, he observed, longing to drop to his knees and push his face between those lovely soft white thighs. She stood abruptly, saying harshly. “But I think for now a little punishment would suffice, then I may let you pleasure me.” She pointed to the folded square oak dining table.

He knew what she wanted and he bent over the table face down. His head protruded over one side and his buttocks over the other. She tied his hands to the far ends, splaying him out. Then forced his legs wide, securing his ankles to the opposing table legs. He was helpless. His erection was still rock hard in expectation and his testicles hung vulnerably between his thighs.

Magda, cupped his testicles, kneading them gently. Unseen by Robert she switched on a tape recorder. She reached beneath him and stroked his hardened penis. He whimpered in ecstasy.

“Now Robert, tell me….” She said, suddenly assuming a quiet and somewhat timid manner. “Would you like me to castrate you? So you could become my gelding?”

Insensitive to the unusual reticence in her voice, Robert gasped. “Oh God, yes Magda.” His excitement fuelled his accelerating gasps for breath.

“Are you quite sure? Are you?” She asked almost childlike. She moved to stand in front of him, hands folded across her breasts.

“Please Magda, castrate me.” His heart thumped and his stomach churned with exhilaration. “With one of those castrators they use on bulls.” He continued. “Please Magda, I need to be castrated.”

“Why?” She raised her eyebrow.

“I’ve abused you.” He admitted. “I’ve been unkind to you and castration is the only way I’ll stop. It should be the prerogative of all wives - to castrate their husbands. It should be part of the marriage vows.”

Their game was nothing new. Normally she’d now ponder, and they’d discuss the why’s and wherefores of castrating him. Then she’d relent and give him one more chance. But not today.

She knelt in front of him her face only inches from his.

“Very well Robert.” She said, a slight tremor in her voice. “I will do this for you. I am so afraid that you’ll punish me if I don’t.” With that she rose and switched off the recorder. He frowned and strained to see what she was doing.

Her voice suddenly assumed it’s more usual strident confidence. “Oh, Robert, I do need some instruction though on how to do it.” She turned and strode across the room to fling open the door. “I’ve asked Leticia to help me.”

Robert grunted, his eyes widening as a tall medium built woman entered the room. She had a Mediterranean complexion, Latin, with a Romanesque nose and thin lips. But what held his gaze most was the ominous implement in her hand. The almost two foot long steel cutters were familiar. His stomach contracted and he blinked - it was a castrator. This surely was merely a new development of their game? But his penis began to droop in doubt.

“Leticia, is going to show me how to geld you Robert.” Magda said simply. “You see, I know all about your sleazy little affair with Susan”.

Robert went cold. Susan? She knew? He squirmed, moaning…”It was an aberration. I didn’t mean it to happen. It’s all over now. Honestly..”

Magda laughed coldly. “Leticia has already done three men herself, including her stupid, ex, husband.” She sidled up to Leticia and Robert was aghast as their lips met in a long passionate kiss. They broke away and Magda turned to Robert, “You see, Bob, I have no use for you now… Sexually that is.”

Robert’s eyes bulged and something in her voice told him that she was not pretending. It was no game. He jerked impotently at his bonds.

Leticia came up to him and cupped his balls in her hand. She squeezed and he gave a jerk of pain. “No more Susans for you Robert.” She chuckled and handed the castrator to Magda. “It’s quite simple.” She said and pulled down on his testicles. “Put the blades there.” She pointed to the base of his scrotum, and Magda complied, holding the handles well apart.

“Please Magda, don’t….” He wailed.

“Now, now, let’s have a little dignity…” Magda sneered in sarcasm, looking at the figure prostrated across the table.

“I’ll never do it again….” He cried.

“No Bob, you are quite right about that. You’ll never cheat on me again.”


“I just push these together do I?” Magda asked Leticia, who merely nodded.

“The Police…. You’ll be arrested.” He gasped.

“I have your recording, pleading with me to geld you. Admitting you abused me. And poor little me, so afraid to do anything else. The court will be very sympathetic. After all, there have been precedents.” Both women giggled.

Robert felt the cold steel encircle his scrotum and the pressure of the blades increase.

“You’ll never know how often I’ve wanted to do this to a man.” Magda hissed, savouring the moment. “You’ll be our plaything and you’ll serve both me and Leticia with your tongue, when we need you.” Her elation was mounting, her breath coming in short sharp gasps.

He heard Leticia’s low chuckle and had no doubts that her rule would be severe indeed. He looked at her with pleading eyes. She seemed almost masculine in a tanned silk trouser suit, the trousers of which looked as though they had been sprayed on her muscular, athletic legs. . The smile on her face was unsympathetic, mocking. Her lips opened and a small pink tongue flicked out reminding him of a snake.

“Magda…!” Robert’s voice was high pitched with fear.

“You said it was a wife’s prerogative, Robert. I’m merely exercising that prerogative.” And before he could protest further she clamped the handles shut and he shrieked in pain. His testicles dropped to the floor.

Magda stepped back to admire her handiwork. Leticia moved behind her and slipped her hand up the front of Magda’s skirt to explore the dark territory beneath. Magda’s eyes closed and she dropped the castrator to the floor. She leaned back against Leticia breathing deeply. The episode had brought both women to the point of climax.

Finally, Magda opened her eyes to gaze at Robert’s incumbent form. He was now her gelding and it was time to start his compliance training…..


By R. - She has asked that if you like this story to please let her know. She also asked that i keep her e-mail private but to forward the letter to her. And i will so please let her know what you think.

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