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Nancy's Ultra Tight and Beautiful Self Bondage
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Hi, this is Nancy. Welcome to my small and growing site. I am a rope bondage lover and self claimed self bondage expert. I enjoy Japanese rope bondage since I was a teenager, loved it the first time when I got my hands on a Japanese video tape. I have been collecting them since then and have a huge library right now. Since I have no slave to tie up, I developed a set of techniques in self bondage, mimicing what these Japanese masters do on the tv. Over the years, the techniques became mature and more sophisticated after a number of painful and embarrassing incidents.

This web site contains some of pictures I have taken in various self bondage positions. Self bondage is hard eough, imagine how hard it is to take pictures. Well, I got them done. All self bondage pictures you see here are original, unique and quite challenging to accomplish. I hope you will find them entertaining and amazing. Please go to my contact page to get my email address and let me know what you think and maybe throw some challenges my way. At the end of day, thrills and challenges keep me going.

Some additional notes: ever since I launched this web site and I have received many encouraging notes from lots of people/friends. Thank you all for your moral support, it helps me to realize that I am not the only "odd-ball" in the world. I will continue to add more contents to the site and strive to make it the best self bondage web site (some of you already called it) in the cyber space.

Sincerely, Nancy

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