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Essential Tying

For almost all ties you should not only wrap around the limbs, but between them to cinch down the loops.


Making it Solo

prepare the loop that the wrists go though with a little slack so that you can put your wrists through them. Once your wrists are through them, use additional rope, plastic zip ties, or similar device to cinch between the wrists, removing the slack.


This basic tie has the wrists running parallel to each other. The tie can be performed either with the arms in front or behind. The hands can be palms together or the back of the hands together. If you do the palms together, you might as well through in an elbow tie if your sub is flexable. For a real treat finish it off with a hog tie to the ankles.


Slightly Crossed 

The wrists are slightly crossed and the rope runs around in one direction. Very traditional means of tying one wrists.


The wrists are crossed at almost 90 degrees, often the wrappings go in several different directions. While very common, not considered very secure.


In this case the arms are stacked, one on top of the other, either in front or behind. Rope is then looped around the wrists and can continue up the forearms. This one is often very confortable for long durations as the arms rest in the small of the back.

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