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SoloBound Don't be left alone

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Views since 1-26-04


You will find here a collection of techniques for bondage. These include techniques you can use solo (self-bondage) or with your partner/playmate.

Been a Long Time since updating... Send you stories or questions and I will do my best to bring this place back to life. Contact Me

8-18-2006 The Stockroom
6-7-2006 Betty Page Movie
5-17-2006 Watergate Bondage?
3-20-2006 Sharon's Back
3-4-2006 Too Long
1-28-2006 Meet Miz Liz
1-17-2006 Frog Tie
10-13-2005 Check out the latest Victoria's displays
8-6-2005 Keeping the family jewels safe
6-3-2005 Another trunk adventure ruined
3-13-2005 Checkout the recent news
11-21-2004 The Gallery has been started: - Enjoy!
11-13-2004 ALWAYS ALWAYS USE A SAFE WORD!: - Quite the ordeal
10-26-2004 Christina's bondge fantasies: - OH YEAH!
09-15-2004 Embarrassing demise: - Rember to stay safe
07-19-2004 Cameron Diaz - SCANDAL-INC.COM... Very sad, their site has been taken down
07-19-2004 Raise your hand if you're sure! and a "Friendly Exchange"
07-03-2004 "Sperm, not just tasty but healthy too!" Interesting article.
05-07-2004 "Nipple Torture" anyone?
05-05-2004 Find rope selection and care information in our new "About Rope" section. Also we have a new submitted technique that is "SHOCKING".
05-01-2004 Thanks for the submissions, We are continuing to grow! "Quick and Simple... (hands technique)". Also check out the "Rings" in the new Misc technique section
04-19-2004 A new technique for a "Quick Hogtie"
04-15-2004 Swim Fans? "Dig with your feet (whilst wearing fins)" story.
03-07-2004 Check out the new "Water Bucket Bondage" technique I just received.
02-24-2004 Besides bookmarking this site, use this free service to sign up for email notifications of when I make changes. Powered by

There is a new section, "Headliners" for those people unfortunate enough to end up in the news related to their bondage activities.

02-15-2004 Hope your Valentines day was as fun as mine. Check out the new "Your Techniques" section. Send in your techniques and ideas via email!
02-01-2004 This site has been up and running for about a week now, Looks like the directories are sending some traffic my way!

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