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Always remember, whether playing with a partner or alone to take steps to insure your and your partners safety. No when can predict when an emergency may occur.

  • Always have a plan to get out in the event of an emergency
  • Always have a pair of EMT scissors available to cut through ropes or leather
  • Always have a spare set of keys (or two)
  • Never do suspension alone
  • Never wrap rope around your neck
  • Use common sense

This list is not inclusive, the most important thing is to use your common sense, it is not worth an orgasm to end up injured or dead.

"Safety" = BORING

Well, yes I agree, but there are ways of dealing with that. That safety key might be in a bucket of red kool-aid Some people suggest a bucket of old dirty oil, but a slippery key may be unusable. A red stained carpet on the other hand is quite a deterrent.

Safe Words

If playing with a partner be sure to have a safe word or some other method of indicating that play time needs to pause, if not end.

All information in the web site is provided for your entertainment. What you do is your own choice, use your common sense and stay safe.


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